Webinar with Freeden Blume Oeur hosted by Rutgers Proctor Institute on Oct 19 at 1pm ET

Oct 12, 2022 | Events, News

I will join Freeden Blume Oeur for a discussion of Redefining Geek: Bias and the Five Hidden Habits of Tech-Savvy Teens on Wednesday, October 19 from 1-2:30pm ET. The event is hosted by Rutgers Graduate School of Education Samuel DeWitt Procotor Institute for Leadership, Equity, and Justice. We will discuss the habits that define tech-savviness and how these habits vary by race, class, and gender. Our discussion will highlight stories of tech-savvy teens who defy common stereotypes. We will also talk about how to ensure young people are supported, recognized, and rewarded for their talents–and why this matters in an increasingly technological world. Registrants will receive a discount code for 30% off the book!

RSVP here: https://proctor.gse.rutgers.edu/redefining-geek